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   Mar 08

Weight Loss and Anxiety

Eat to lose weight is a proven reality collations prevent excessive rear on main meals, to the dismnuir the feeling of anxiety or appetite that can occur when you spend much time (over three hours) between meals. Both as large as for guys, are indispensable to organize everyday food due to the intake of light and more frequent meals. In people with excess weight, are a key resource when it comes to weight loss, since they activate the metabolism and promote energy expenditure. On the other hand, the collations help fight the pecking, a habit common in children and adults. Is which the best option? Although the collations help make a healthier diet, they can also provide excess calories if you not cuidas food that compose them or if not consumed in moderation.In addition to these alternatives, please note that is convenient to choose foods that calmed the appetite and, at the same time, provide energy to your body thanks to the nutrients They provide.

Then, the best options tend to be: # fruits and dried station # fruits vegetables – sparingly due to its high caloric content – and/or dehydrated. # # Dairy cereales integrales descremados if these under a plan of thinning, the collations can be 100 calories – approx – and be accompanied by cold liquids (soda or juice light, water, or soda) or hot (infusions, light broth with sweetener) to obtain greater sense of sasiedad. Some collations for example # 50 calories snacks: 2 light salted biscuits, or a bunch of grapes medium (up to 15 drives), or a cda. dried chestnuts roasted, or two dried apricot dried fruit (PEAR or peach). # 100 Calorie snacks: 1 cup banana slices and fresh strawberries, or a piece of cheese magro (audio cassette size) or 1 bar of cereal, or 3 tbsp. tureens of sunflower seeds.

# 150 Calorie snacks: 1/2 cup of low-fat yougur frosted Cuthbert with two tbsp. chopped dried fruit, or three slices of bread integral light toast, or a fresh peach coated with 2 tbsp. low-fat cottage cheese. # 200-Calorie snacks: 2 cups granola mueslix, or 4 tbsp. tureens of dried fruit, or 5 low fat tenor with 5cdas cookies. Jam light. Want more info?

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