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   Aug 08

Your Time In The Gym When Less Is More

Do not you spend when you go to the gym you see individuals who are exercising until you arrive, and you’ll remain there? After so many years going to the gym I’ve seen countless people who spend hours training on the treadmill or wherever just to burn a few calories. And not only do not lose weight that would like to lose, but they also manage to get in shape. Using the same equipment again and again only can lead to a chronic stagnation both in your levels of fitness to an inconsistent tone throughout the body. Do you feel this way, trapped in your workouts? These are some of the reasons why you might want to rethink your exercises:. You do not burn enough calories. 45 minutes on the tape can burn approximately 300 calories.

But keep in mind that to lose half a kilo of body fat you need to burn 4500 calories. Then you will have to help a little with food, by reducing it, or changing the type of food you eat, or both. The solution? Add intensity, challenge yourself with your exercises. You cannot train constantly to the same intensity. And obviously, cared for the food. Until today there is an exercise that is so effective that you can eat what you want and be thin, marked and shaped.

. Bad use of time. If you’re like most people, you won’t have to spend hours and hours training. If you only have one hour a day, or about five or six in the week, then will need to make sure you use the time in the most efficient manner possible. The exercises for intervals, have proven to be an effective alternative for these cases. A 30 minute session can have you all day burning calories compared to a fixed hour. In your weight training, a session of 45 minutes with a full body routine can do wonders for you.

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