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   Sep 17

Yo I Play The Old Definition And History

Yo-Yo, modern word, which was to called to a very old game and that also was very fashionable after the French Revolution. It is composed of two small discs, United in the Center with a tiny cylinder, to which is attached the end of a thread, which was lengthened to its around. The other end of the thread is attached to the finger medium through a buttonhole made with the same string, dropping the yo.yo to then climb, gained strength, returning to the starting point, enrrollandose the thread itself only around the cylinder. And so repeats the operation many vecer as allows the player’s skill. The antiquity of this game can be seen in the painting of a cup grirga which is located in the Berlin Museum. The same sample figure of a child playing with that element.This Cup was found in excavations in Athens; along with a few small terracotta objects that seem to have been made for this game; Since its size is about twelve inches of diameter decorated with mythological figures painted on both sides.

During the French Revolution was known with the name of emigrant, emigre, or emigrette for being one the time of emigration. Some of these yo – yo are in private collections in France; many of them are true works of art. Some are built of ivory with mother-of-Pearl inlay, others in sculpted wood and others recorded with paintings by prominent artists. llianzGI%20U.S.%20Emerging%20Growth%20Fund’>Charles Brandes. I invite you to know a series of articles by quality checked for the care of the body, mind and spirit; In addition to different sections relating to sports, computing, entertainment, health, painting and more; everything for your personal and spiritual development. Original author and source of the article.

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