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   Jun 24

World Health Organization

Milk calcium is more comparable to that in other products already that its content of vitamin D and lactase help the optimal use of the same. Milk without cholesterol despite being a food animal, not only is added with omega 3 fatty acids, but in its production process, has been replaced by animal fat vegetable fat what can form part of a proper diet and can be an excellent option for people with cardiovascular disease, either, who have some risk for the same factor as they are the background inherited family, positive smoking, physical inactivity, overweight, among others, whereas by its content of calcium, Department of United States agriculture recommends include 3 servings of milk a day for adults (7). It is important that health staff will promote an appropriate culture in nutrition, encouraging the consumption of foods of high quality, that have the characteristics necessary to promote health individually, taking into account each person’s needs. Why include milk without cholesterol in the diet, can exert a positive effect on cardiovascular health.

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