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   Nov 11

When To Start A ?

When did psychoanalyze? Many of you have ever thought psicoanalizaros. If you have never taken action, the reasons are several. Sometimes you wonder do you need? There are several possible answers to this question. Sometimes the need is urgent, life will gradually severing, and first I do not write because I have no desire, then as almost nothing, I no longer like the things that you liked me or been months since I love with my wife or I wake up every night suddenly stuffed pastries in a cold sweat, or I can not have orgasms, or do I have fear of all … o.

Humans have a capacity to generate mechanisms of adaptation to the disease so enormous that we would be quite pathological in others, we do not think so ourselves. We have become accustomed to the symptom. But deep down, we know that something happens. Make no mistake, should be consulted. Another possible response would be: if I thought, if I thought at some point: What if psychoanalyze me?, Is that I want. From Marx know that the man has physical needs but also needs in the order of fantasy. No one doubts that a child needs to play, however, is not a necessity in the order in which we usually understand. For psychoanalysis, it is not necessary to be sick and just wanting, it is best not to reach a disease to need.

Common excuses are: "I have no time." Psychoanalysis is a machine producing desire to deprive the patient of symptoms, lets all that free energy available to deal with everyday life. Produce desire is to produce a new time. "It's very expensive," said Freud and most expensive is the illness and stupidity. "It's very long, in general, who says that is because I would like to remain in analysis long after the beginning. In fact, the improvement was noted from the first session, and what if it is really long is suffering from a mental illness, that if I psychoanalyzed, will sometimes for life, like the feudal marriage. "I am not crazy" and who asked? if you say I'm not crazy, is that something you feel, and they do not need to be crazy to psychoanalysis. Perhaps he fears that others think he's crazy because psychoanalysis? Sometimes "you say" manage our lives more than our own desire. That would only be as a complaint. "I'd rather not talk about the terrible things that happen to me." Well, that's why we spend, because the repressed, not wanting to talk about them, where appropriate, specialized listening to a psychoanalyst. In short: the time to consult a psychoanalyst is the time when I would think that I have curiosity about it, that I need, I want it. And there are no contraindications for psychoanalysis. You can do all who want or need.

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