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   Feb 23

What Factors Influence In Interpersonal Attraction?

There are many reasons why the two people decide to settle as a couple; sometimes badly aimed: some are formed from the decision to provide economic support and others to ensure an emotional support that, sometimes, may lead to deprivation of liberty. Fortunately, times have changed a lot since several generations behind in terms of the factors that come into play when it comes to dating, and it is necessary to make a relationship work is both members to balance their male both energies as feminine so that both complement from their individualities their energies to score in favor of what already is per individual. When it comes to finding a partner, both men and women are looking for a person that complements our energies, even without realizing it. Therefore it seems logical to conclude, for example, that a man with a predominantly male energy feels attracted to a woman with a high feminine energy. In this type of couple where both energies are duly complemented, emerges attraction, which we call Chemistry, which benefits each to enhance its strengths and improve its weakest aspects. But even if a person finds someone who can get to a good degree of complementarity and the attraction and magnetism is evident at first glance, these factors of itself no guarantee of success to form a healthy and happy relationship. There are other variables that have a key role as learning to communicate effectively, to act appropriately and to love and learn to cooperate with each other. Not to mention the degree of commitment that both are willing to purchase. Another very important aspect to keep in mind is that the relationship will be a space of well-being that allows us to learn and grow, if each one is committed to get the best out of himself contemplating that the other person is only someone with whom we have decided to share and explore part of our vital road and that, ultimately, we are responsible for our lives are.

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