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   Jun 11

Vitamin A. Retinol .

Vitamin A, which opened in the early 20 th century, it is necessary to maintain normal vision, healthy and beautiful skin and immune system activity. Preparations with retinol studied by experts, as applied to different areas of health. The results of these studies, we have summarized below. Vitamin A and retinol, Vitamin A – a fat-soluble vitamin, which accumulates in the liver. In the body retinol gets along with animal fats. In addition, vitamin A may synthesized in the body from beta-carotene and other carotenoids found in fruits and vegetables. Vitamin A is presented in the body retinoids.

Retinol is often included in the composition of cosmetic products for skin care. Recommendations about the use of retinol According to who recommendations (1996) Vitamin A regarded as an important nutritional component in the fight against childhood diarrhea, respiratory diseases, infections, complications of measles, as well as factor reducing child mortality. How to vitamin A recommended dose of retinol is 2300 iu per day for women older than 19 years and 3000 iu per day for men the same age. On vitamin pills dosage of vitamin A can not show in international units (IU), and retinoic equivalent (RE), 1 re = 3.3 iu. Who does not have enough vitamin A with respiratory tract infections, smoking, staying in for Ecological disadvantaged areas and in major cities, the body is depleted reserves of vitamin A. Deficiency of retinol is often seen in women with long or heavy periods, so they need additional amounts of vitamin A.

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