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   Jul 11

United Arab Emirates

" Was or was not, as in former times've set good people find themselves in an oasis of luxury, beauty and grandeur " – probably, if I wrote a story about the uae, I started that way. In fact, I would like once notify all of your fears: uae – not a fairy tale, but a real country and get to it, positioning capabilities, everyone can. uae – is the rest of the first class. If you've thought that all the countries of the Islamic world are experiencing decline and crisis, then, having been in the uae, you will understand how we were wrong. Oasis city like a living embodiment of fabulous oriental motifs. Imagine a modern city with a large number of business centers, modern houses, straight roads imagine? Now add the flavor of Arabic architecture, numerous green areas and fountains.

You like it? Then go ahead in the uae, to see with my own eyes all this beauty and the gifts, souvenirs of which need to be concerned, being in the uae, I'll tell you. Strolling through the streets of the uae, you will notice an abundance of coffee houses, stretching along the streets. Everyone knows that Arabs are very fond of coffee. If you like this noble drink, do not Remember to bring it to taste and their families. If not, then the perfect gift can be an Arab coffee utensils. Get a Turk " or fancy coffee pot with a spout" dalpu. With a choice of place of purchase should be cautious because the risk to buy a fake very high.

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