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   Sep 16

Treatment Facilities

Very often a business or business undertaking can not do without high quality technical equipment. It was from him depends largely on adjusted service and profitability. Car service is today one of the most common and popular types of business. Often, the success and profitability of this business depends on the complex services. And the service car wash in this list go to one of the first and most popular destinations. Nearer to the issue of technical equipment of car washes, one can not forget about the necessity of draining the used water down the drain. In each region, in Russia there is a system requirements to drain into the sewerage given ses, perform that is necessary to obtain permits for the organization's own autowashing business.

You can, of course, to equip the car wash more filter system added to the water specific reagents for the purification of water, but all of this equipment is difficult to maintain, and costs a lot. Acceptable in all senses and respects alternative for water treatment are treatment plants for car washes. All treatment for car does not drain the dirty water down the drain. They are intended for hardware system of water recycling and purification of water used. With treatment for car washes can not only significantly reduce water consumption, cleaning the used water from detergents and other items, preparing them for reuse. So, today, treatment of carwashes in the Russian market represented by a large list of manufacturers and models. When choosing this equipment is very important to determine in advance with a set of necessary functions and quantities that must be met design abatement facilities.

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