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   Jan 09

To Improve Health

“We have no one kills in the early morning and at dinner. Hurrah! “(A. Kochergin). So why not use that time for what would improve their health, raise their cultural level, etc. Instead we see today, grayish scary picture. Young people with “pivandriem” embracing pulled the handle “one-armed bandit” with a dream of three cherry eyes. Men come home, not dreaming of anything else, how about a bottle of the same beer and “fell on the couch.” Weight disease is caused by young lack of movement.

The young men of military age who are not able to push-ups and 10 times, not to mention the techniques of unarmed combat! But in modern war machinery physical force can not play the main role. But the exercise strengthens spirit. But he was stronger than fists! “What’s the point of the sword, if it is in the hands of a coward?!” (Miyamoto Musashi) If you want to be healthier, if you want your children proud of you – do not sit! Begin to improve yourself! Start with yourself! Each man is the whole world! And that’s sport for the most appropriate way, so it does not require crazy cash injections, and requires only your desire. Your discipline and desire. Yes biceps and powerful torso is not thing in life. And no intelligent head penny they cost! But who’s stopping you to already available was intelligent to add a beautiful, toned body that will delight and a real power, at least to raise your hands a beloved woman! And what’s wrong is if you can stand up for themselves and for those who love me! What’s wrong with that, you think you can hammer the asphalt anyone who dares to wipe his feet on you or your circle of people! But for It does e terminator Simferopol school GRU. As one put to punch, kick, knee and elbow multiply it all by fighting spirit, and you will drive away any gang! The practice of sport in Russia, not only possible, but necessary. It cleanses, saves from depression, which is full of our life with you! Shock training for a long time back to live.

Sport helps to feel more confident. You look at yourself in the mirror with a sense of profound self-satisfaction, self-esteem and creeping up. Tell me, someone will notice and will advance to Chief of the service is faster? Strong, energetic and proactive? Or the patient, quiet and modest? He can and knows how to have, but is silent! If you do this – it’s time to change! And away all doubts and excuses! We live once! Just once! And the replay will not work. You can go if you want! You will find – like! The main thing is the desire! Your desire to be better!

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