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   Jan 16

Tips To Lose Weight

Tips for losing weight healthily get five meals a day: do multiple takes moderate avoids the accumulation of body fat and improves the utilization of nutrients. A full breakfast (milk + cereal + fruit) it is essential to avoid being overweight, it is also responsible for breaking the fast, contributing to a better physical and intellectual performance. Learn how to calm your appetite: If you choose a light snack you get relieve anxiety without practically add calories, always have handy a fruit, nonfat yogurt or cold meat lean. Include fruits and vegetables as elements essential in the diet: intake of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables is important, because they are foods rich in vitamin C excellent antioxidant, satiating and capable of reducing cholesterol levels fiber and a host of nutrients that help prevent chronic diseases. Choose whole grains: cereals and wholemeal bread are not less caloric than whites, but are more satiating and nutritious with a large presence of vitamins of the Group B. Hear other arguments on the topic with CEO of Ford . other foods rich in fiber such as vegetables have a similar effect. Get a light dinner, because late in the day the excess calories tends to accumulate in the form of fat.

Avoid fatty and sugary foods, and opts for vegetables, chicken, Turkey, eggs or white fish. Controlling your cholesterol, avoiding undesirable fats (fatty dairy and cheese cured, pastries, cold meats and fatty meats) and increasing the consumption of cardioprotective fats (omega-3 from fish and dried fruits, olive for cooking oil) will get a proper lipid profile. It reduces the salt on your dishes and drink at least 1.5 liters of water to prevent fluid retention, as well as hypertension. Get some physical exercise per day to contribute not only to weight loss, but to keep you young, healthy and vital longer. Join the Mediterranean diet as an example of balanced diet, this being the most valued by experts from around the world for their cardioprotective properties. For weight loss, more secure short and long term, is to opt for a lightweight version of our diet, Mediterranean diet. Healthy food is always the best option to achieve any goal if put health at risk. Original author and source of the article.

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