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   Mar 01


Currently as your relationship with your parents, relatives, siblings, children, friends and your partner? The think harmonious or dysfunctional? You are satisfied, you have the acceptance and recognition of them, you feel loved (a), repeat (a), comperendido (a) or else you feel rejected (a), humiliated (a) abused (a). As it is now your economy, you feel bankrupt, poor, moderately satisfactory, satisfactory, thrives or heavy. Feel that you have succeeded or failed, or have survived fairly in life. Now that you have reviewed your car think it’s time for a little maintenance? If so, we begin to know that man is multidimensional and to develop fully, must be in balance in their physical realm, emotional, mental and intellectual and economic, if any of them is more developed than the others, would like a wheel oval, and advance in leaps and not in a uniform manner, therefore, must strive to cultivate in harmony, so that your life is like a perfect circle that allows you to lead your life in a consistent and harmonious. You also know that feelings of hatred, anger, resentment and fear, are obstacles in your road and stops that prevent you from being happy and maintain a relationship of love and harmony with yourself and your loved ones, these feelings are the food that feeds the ego. With which of these feelings you identify more with hatred?

You feel that you hate someone, hate ideology, philosophy or way of thinking?, Hate any circumstances? Your parents, family, friends or classmates or work? You’re angry (a) easily get angry, yell and get upset often say things that later you regret having said?, I get angry with your parents and siblings, children with your partner or family and friends or classmates or work? You keep a grudge for a long time, even years, prefers to keep quiet and put your pain before? You know what your main hard feelings? Who are you angry with your parents, spouse, family friends or classmates or work? They know? You identify with the fear? Who are you afraid of, a fact or circumstance that you fear? You have phobias? A in particular, know when did your fear with fact or circumstance that is related? These basic emotions negative and distorted thoughts of pride, envy, pride, greed are the favorite foods of the ego and are what separate you from God, yourself and others, however, no matter how powerful they may seem, are vulnerable to antidote of love, patience, tolerance, simplicity, humility and gratitude, learn to meditate, find or create a just and peaceful place where no one or anything stop you, use loose clothes and takes a comfortable position for fifteen minutes notice your breath, try to realize your inspiration and exhalation, stop your thoughts, let them move freely and return to observing your breathing, this meditation practice for seven days and you will see your first results..

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