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   Mar 17

The World of Coaching

Coaching makes the man go beyond what is believed capable. Training is essential to interact successfully in today's world, to establish beneficial and enduring relationships and to orient always on the meeting points. Coaching is not a form of therapy, is training to detect latent abilities we all have and deserve to develop to the fullest. The experience of coaching skills reborn unsuspected even by the consultant on an awakening that occurs, for domino effect, a marked improvement of existing skills. The coaching has been known for being a pragmatic discipline towards achieving realistic goals. The limits we impose are our shell.

Now, we come into this world equipped with all …. less shell. When what is sought is high level of performance motivation and keeping alive the joy, the coaching is essential and a before and after in the lives of people o Are you overwhelmed by the changes and perceive that you need help to identify what urgent from the important, you need to correct? o Can not find real meaning to your efforts? o Do you feel unstable, and estimates need to do changes in your professional life, social, occupational, sports, partner? o Do you live your work as a burden and can not find motivation or global sense of your efforts? o Are you afraid to make radical movements or structural changes in your life? Coaching can help you. In the world of coaching is said that those intent on winning and winning so much and who fear to lose, lose and much caution that there are two kinds of people in the world: those who dream of success ….

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