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   Nov 17

The Times

Pedalar is, at the same time, a habit to promote health and a simple, cheap form and without alardes of if working for the ecology. It is necessary to think more about the world and proper itself. Pedalar is not work, is not obligation, is not politics, it is not commitment and definitively you are not seated without making nothing. Clearly that nor always he is easy: the craters, the culverts, the pollutions of sonorous air and the trucks of our cities to the times discourage in them, but you need to remain there, because he is something that you need to make for its body and its head. To take care of of the feeding and the body is the key for a healthful life. Specialists are categorical when affirming that the practical one of exercises also contributes for the good functioning of the mind.

He uses to advantage then the vacations to more exercise the body and the mind! To read makes well to the health. Simple habits can make to it very well. Because to also inquire itself it is a form of if taking care of. Care with you! Other good tips for the vacations. It orders flowers. It travels without route.

It waters a plant? better: a tree plants! It makes a poem. Skirt stops to fish with the friends. It writes a love letter. Seen clothes and skirt quaint to take a walk. It declares infinite love its parents. It plays more with its children. It admires the nature without haste. It spends more time with its friends. It feels the wind. It is little time in the Internet. It scales a mountain, it saws or mount. It raises a pipe. Soccer plays (or another sport). It gives a good tip. It paints a picture. A summer rain leaves to wash its soul. It speaks in public.

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