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   Feb 06

The Time

As much the color as the landlord can obtain that visually a room seems smaller or greater; the clear colors create the sensation of space in small rooms. The deep tones obtain that the ample rooms feel cosy. The printed edges will add a visual effect and certain structure to ample atmospheres, whereas a general printing can hide defects. Its imagination depends on you using to achieve its objectives. It selects the varnish that wishes to use, although many opinions exist on the type of painting, the varnish is magical for wood floors. It decides what prefers, following the level of wearing down and the time that wishes the painting lasts.

The interior painting must be sealed, because the objective of the varnish is to cover the elements and to resist multiple washings. The paintings for floor based on water own great resistance and allow that the floor breathes, although they require that a sealant is applied to protect the painting. Usually they are of fast drying, which favors its cleaning in conditions of humidity. The oils for wood offer a surface sign and last, are more lasting and serve to cover surfaces also damaged. Although the maintenance of the floor generally will be simpler, the masking time is greater and the cleaning can consume more time. In order to use a lijadora of floor, simply it prepares the surface. There it is the secret of finishing of quality in his wood floor.

It begins removing all the elements of the room and abra the windows. It cleans the floor and it scrapes all the sweepings that is adhered. It completes the hollows and the cracks with stuffed for wood and djelo to dry. It uses an industrial lijadora of floor to sandpaper and to polish the floor, first in sense diagonal with some rough paper, and soon with one smoother in vertical sense, following the drawing of the floor. It drains the room and it cleans the floor and the walls. It paints the floor according to the design that it has selected. It uses a base and soon it adheres the selected printing. It uses a roller to work following the direction of the floor until completing the whole floor. It applies the following layer after twenty-four hours and finalizes his design. Once the painting is dry, protjala with a polyurethane sealant that does not allow that the painting takes a yellowish color, and soon applies three layers more. It allows that it dries. The wood floors guinea fowl improve with the years. Although the footsteps leave marks in the painting, also it can obtain the effect of one slides smooth. In order to maintain the appearance of a floor just painted by a still greater time, it applies a painting layer annually. The daily cleaning is important to remove sweepings and, as minimum also will have to mop the floor per week once.

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