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   Oct 15

The Salon

Another option – to call Grumer at home. Pros: nowhere go do not want the dog remains in the native walls with your favorite host. Everything happens before your eyes, everything is under control. ers on the topic.. If you did not like handling wizard with a dog, you can always say "goodbye" to this master no longer apply. Another plus – the price of private masters, usually below the cabin. Learn more at this site: Rand Paul. For makeup you do not pay if you have your shampoo and conditioner.

Wash the dog you can advance yourself, specifying it with the master. Cons: cleaning sostrizhennoy wool and wash tub is on you. You will have to participate in the trimming as an assistant – to keep the dog during the haircut, if necessary. As you – beloved master, and a dog on their territory, then She will make every wriggle, to pretend that her murder, to ask you to help and try to climb up to the handle. In such circumstances, cut out, to put it mildly – not very. Solving the problem – or if the dog itself is not bad, leave wizard alone with her, and appear only when needed your help or to show strength of character and handle the dog during the haircut as a professional assistant to the master. There is another option when you call the house is not private masters, and masters working in the salon at checkout. It usually travels with an assistant master, and you are the efforts to retain the dog is not required.

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