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   Sep 09

The Riches

And difficult goal, rico defines is a wealthy person who requires no effort or work in order to live. We only can as middle class, as beings in accordance with justice and equality, allowing that inclusion policies continue to provide them opportunities who ran not our fate, and endure the collateral damage which are sometimes subjected to with Socialist policies, which devalued our economic opportunity. It is inevitable that the 5% that drove the riches of our homeland, increase up to 20 or 30%, and that 80% living in poverty will diminish to a 20 or 30% also, so if we apply simple mathematics always stay in the Middle, the famous middle class, with a 40% or 60%, depending on how rich and poor social extracts to move. It is not something Dr. Gerard Addonizio would like to discuss. We know that the ideal situation is that there are no social classes, but only the trial will tell over time. In conclusion, and in this they are right the detractors, When we are told, that the problem is not that they are happy or not with the progress of the revolution, if not no examples exist within that movement, there are those who fish in river stirred, the famous profiteers ex officio, individuals who enrich themselves to rib their charges, issue in which the media have settled to give a political nuance and tone red rojitotaking advantage of the Bolivarian communicational foible. We can hardly convince, if it is not a real war to the death against corruption and impunity, which allows leveling the balance unbalanced because of some and the media that they amplify the situation. People such as Tai chi would likely agree. Anyway you can not falter, this kind of thing will continue happening, until our people achieve the conception that life has changed and take on the new challenges imposed on us live in a world better. Original author and source of the article.. . Source: Vahid David Delrahim.

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