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   Feb 21

The Purchased

Hence the difference in the perception of the target audience of these two indicators. It should be in their ads based not on possibilities, namely the benefits and advantages, in particular: "How will earn the buyer of this educational material?", "How many pounds can lose purchasing this tool?", "How quickly and what Quality grow hair when you use the purchased product? ", etc. Any advertising you will agree, must be focused not on a product that it advertises, and the potential client to whom it is addressed. 8. Use as many adjectives and adverbs.

As you can see, for example, direct mail marketing, the offer has nothing to do with the so-called "information pakkazhem." Advertising declaration should not be "detailed description of necessary actions on 62 sheets," or something similar. When writing promotional material, it is necessary to limit such descriptions minimal volume. When you read the draft ad repeatedly, try to further reduce any kind of "instructions". Better describe their products (services) and create in his imagination a picture of the sweet prospect of having them. If you, for example, sell information products for home training business, draw a potential customer a compelling and enticing picture of his tremendous success, retrieval of guaranteed daily income, the availability of free uymy time, without freedom of the authorities and guidance, etc. In general, shopping, people almost never make a purchase, guided by logical arguments. Too many people are deceived by the fact that it is absolutely sure the need to logically convince a potential customer to buy.

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