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   Oct 24

The Perfectly

But all this soon end. By the end of this trimester, it becomes easier to breathe, reduce heartburn, because child falls in the pelvic area, and pressure on adjacent organs become smaller. Psychological side. Woman is already accustomed to permanent shocks child. They are an indivisible whole, and any pregnant woman understands and accepts.

Virtually all pregnant women in this period of increased anxiety for the future baby. Again, many questions arise: 'How long left before the birth? " 'How will childbirth? " 'Is the child healthy? " Many women do not know what sex the child to be born, hence the perfectly natural question, 'Who born, and what weight? " Virtually all nulliparous women more just worried about the coming generations, their expectations due to a series of fears. It happens that in anticipation of the approaching childbirth a woman begins to experience the fear of death. It's not even fear for their lives, but rather anticipation of experiences a child who is in the process of birth through the stage of psychological 'dying'. Physiological side. Changes in the body continues, but these women are already accustomed. The figure is not quite like to that, the second was 4 months ago.

Appears abdomen, chest increases in size, rounded hips. This is natural because the baby grows and develops, he needs plenty of space for a comfortable stay in the womb. Some women the phenomenon of toxicity may persist, but they soon will. There are new problems such as constipation, hemorrhoids. Often want to lie down and relax. But not all that bad. It is in this trimester, the expectant mother begins to feel movements of his little child in the womb. And psychologically it is very important during pregnancy. The woman begins to get used to their new 'Z'. Comes increased responsibility for all what she does in life. Pregnant with fear begins to go through all the risk factors that she has been since the beginning of pregnancy and think about how they will affect the child. In the course there are memories of drunk a glass of wine or adopted aspirin, when more was known about the pregnancy, thinking about the polluted air of his native city, or radiation from a computer monitor on her desk. That's OK, but gives great concern mom. Woman begins think about what awaits her in the future. Nulliparous not yet know what childbirth. They read about it in books, listen to their mothers and girlfriends. Imagine this is an important outcome of the pregnancy. Almost all had a fear of before birth. Also during this period, lately quite often, many expectant mothers are faced with such a problem as – a threat to pregnancy. In most cases this is accompanied by an admission to hospital. This is additional concern during this difficult time for women.

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