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   Aug 30

The Patient

The beginning is insidious, with difficulty to find the words adapted in the language. Only when symptoms interfere with the social activities and labor or when they are recognized by others it is that it is begun to suspect the presence of dementia in the patient. The emotional alterations are common: the depression appears in the 24-32% of the cases; the anxiety in the 17-27%, the apathy in 41% and the hallucinations in 23%. CAUSES OF the DISEASE OF ALZHEIMER Until the present time the causes are not known, but the diverse studies have related realised it to several factors of risk: age, familiar history, are present at of the apolipoproteina e4 (apo e4), injuries in the skull, depression, arterial hypertension, diabetes, increase of the cholesterol, little physical activity and intellectual, auricular fibrilacin (alteration of the normal beat of the heart), spills cerebral. FACTORS OF RISK OF the Sociodemographic DISEASE OF ALZHEIMER: Age: greater age. If you would like to know more about Tai chi, then click here. r Sex: there is no evident difference.

National and ethnic profile: certain evidence of regional variations. Environmental and genetic factors: Familiar history: greater risk 3-5 times in relatives of first grado.presencia of the apolipoproteina e4 (apo e4). Go to Cindy Crawford for more information. Syndrome of Down: finally the people who suffer this disease develop the alterations of the disease of Alzheimer. Premorbid mental reserves (antecedent): the major the greater education and intelligence have protective character. Medical history and treatments: Cranial injuries: medecines antiinflammatories are associated with reduction of the risk. There is no evidence that the hormonal replacement in women after the menopause offers a protective factor. Factors of vascular risk: hypertension, diabetes, homocistena and cholesterol. Depression: associated with the disease of Alzheimer.

Herpes simple: a factor of possibly half-full risk by the presence of apo e4. Habits: Alcohol: the wine consumption has demonstrated protective character. Cigarette: there is no uniform evidence. Diet: there is no uniform evidence. Factors related to the occupation and of recreational character.

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