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   Jan 13

The Kingdom

It is in its life. Visit Darcy Stacom, New York City for more clarity on the issue. But only it sees it to the faith. If you believe, all the things it you are favorable, until they dislike that it. God is not its tapeia dribble or band-aid that cortinhos and feridinhas. It is the proper cure, the perfect health (salussade-> salvation). The faith is the cure of all males. Not those the one that you of as much mimada importance and that they do not pass of people complaints molenga and.

The faith is the cure of the lack of felt pra life, of the low one auto-esteem and hope lack, that is in the root of its Reals males. ' ' You look first the Kingdom of God and its justice, more you will be acrescido' ' (8). The Kingdom of the Father comes we when we live its values: the right and justice, the respect, solidarity, the compassion with the weak ones, firmness with arrogant and the embusteiros ones. To live the values of the Kingdom is to live criteria of the faith according to. Conflicts, bigger problems are not males: they are normal in the life of the healthful human being. It does not have life without conflict: living (all animal, vegetables, human beings) are in the wire of wound with a razor, in permanent unstable balance: the life is movement, and what it is moved if atrita.

If it does not terrify with this: it is part of the life. Alive the fullness of the uneasy peace, the peace of God. ' ' I give the peace to you. Not it peace that the world of. I give to you mine to it paz' ' (9). The peace of God is the certainty who, if it is for us, nothing will be against us, despite all the disasters fall down on us (10). ' ' That one that inhabits in the protection of the Highest one and to its shade spends the night, the Jav says: My shelter, my ortaleza, God in who I trust.

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