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   Nov 19

The First Step To Lose Weight Is To Lose Weight

People who start a regimen when his doctor warned that her health is in danger, are more effective in losing weight, and tend to maintain better weight loss. Why does this happen? Because the process of restructuring occurs. You’ve heard many times that overweight has negative health effects. You may know something of the relationship between overweight and heart disease, or its relationship with diabetes, for example. The problem is to eat some french fries today is not going to immediately generate a heart attack, eating fried chicken or ice cream triple morning after tomorrow, we will not diabetic. But if we do this every day, it will be very likely that in some years have any of these diseases.

The restructuring is to realize how isolated response, for example, do not go to the gym today, relates to a consequence in the future, and the formation of a habit. In this case, go to the gym today is part of a habit that can be a sedentary life. This habit itself can generate health problems related to being overweight. Follow others, such as Daryl Katz, Toronto Ontario, and add to your knowledge base. Often it is difficult to see how an election can be related to all a habit. And this is one reason why you can continue to choose one over and over the long term options that will affect your body negatively. When the doctor tells a person that the lack of an adequate diet or lack of exercise puts his life at risk, at last a clear notice of the result that each one of their behavior.

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