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   May 08

The Comforter

The Comforting God sent the Espirito Santo, on behalf of ours Mr. Jesus Christ, for we teaches to all the things. it who leads our life, Is with it that we guide. The Espirito Santo we of a tip for have a life straight line, but if we decide to follow the wrong way! They are wanted to follow the wide way we go suffers consequence. Jesus Christ when it came back toward the sky left the comforter, so that we were not disoriented, therefore it already wise person who until the return of it the enemy would try moves away in them from the way that it chose for us, that he would go tries to place you doubt in our heart. Therefore it left the comforter, so that the enemy does not obtain in them moves away from it.

More for this we have that to have faith, because the faith removes mountains. In our conjuncts we always have that to ask for to the Espirito Santo that fulls in them with its power, that comes consoling in them, that in them it comes of a divine direction of the highest one. Because Jesus very paid a high price for us. Amen Sandra Sampaio Dos Santos

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