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   Mar 31

The Coach

Coach in the heart of Coach is a teacher, or guru. To implement this role the coach must able to attract and retain long-term attention to yourself, emotionally affect them, captivate them with their energy. Here, charisma is a prerequisite. Two days "show", an unusual finding in the community man, the mass of interest. I am wondering what is the result? With what will take the participants? Good mood? – Yes! – Excellent emotional feedback? – Maybe! – Learn something new? – Sure. – To learn something? Found a solution complex problem? – No.

After the training, which was built on the principle "the coach – the center of the group, members can not do anything without a coach, they have not learned anything. This is natural, because this position does not imply a coach Participants are responsible for training. Their fate – uncritically accept the word teacher, and the charisma of a guarantor that the information will be heard. Each of the charismatic leader has admirers, but there are apathetic. What do those who have not fallen under the influence of personality lead? And, of course, the participants, comparing himself with the charismatic coach, often acknowledged: "Yes, coach – a master, but I can not, I'm not ". They do not realize that coach-guru every class trains his oratorical skills, ability to win the hearts of fans. As a rule, the thematic range of charismatic coaches limited, they are narrow specialists who have accumulated a certain number of examples, anecdotes and tales and retell them from training in coaching.

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