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   Aug 23

The Aching Heart

More than what that muscular pain, the metaphor of the heart that aches exactly deals with the pain that is not decided with medicinal remedies. This metaphor deals with that one dorzinha, that deep pain caused for some sad situation, but that not necessarily she is definitive. They are feelings that for times we have that to go wasting, spending, making of them a martyrdom, a sacrifice, when not, leaving imprisoned these true and intense feelings. the jail comes of silence, because it is not whenever we obtain to verbalizar or that we can speak above all clearly that we feel and we have inside of the heart. is therefore that this strange and pretty form and this sacrifice all imprison the feelings that are born in the heart and that in them always they will live, will always live To suffocate the love hurts very, but to kill it the times hurt more, therefore the fear of the emptiness if to install cause the distanciamento, cause the solitude, cause the silence inside of us. the martyrdom, the sacrifice is to make quiet something so that this love is also born in the other.

E as we are ingenuous, finding that our gestures are noticed by who want that they are seen. As well as what we write. But if to think well, the metaphor of the heart that aches lives of certain form in each one of us. Either for terms the courage necessary not to say in clear words what our eyes denounce to each meeting and reencontro. What our dreams and desires cause in them when we are front the front, or for a time or others as many times again.

E is for terms those attractive ones not to change the situation and to gain of the life (or to create in the life) this possibility to demonstrate courage to say one ' ' I you amo' ' without distrust some of the rejection. The metaphor of the heart that aches cause exactly pain when we forget who we are, trying to be who we do not know to be, and we fall in an abyss of lack of personality and affective deformation. Finally, that this metaphor fits in us in the size that we will be able to support, as well as is the cross of each person, of the size that if can load alone. Not absolutely in the solitude, but knowing to cure pains of the heart, still more when she does not have metaphors to define them or to cure them.

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