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   Aug 08

Teeth Whitening Methods

White and straight teeth are currently not away to think beauty ideal. Speaking candidly Senator From Kentucky told us the story. You can eliminate every health and aesthetic dental problem. In fact, there are only two practices to undergo a bleaching. The SDI, which as the title implies is performed in the home, including the in-Office bleaching, which is performed in the dental practice. These two practices but capacity in several types of applications to be extended.

Probably, the price differences facilitate the agony of choice for what Bleachingbehandlung you finally decide to one. All Bleachinganwendungen, namely the activating components that generate only the whitening of the teeth have one thing in common. This is either hydrogen peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide. The percentage of use is critical for how many steps the teeth can be lightened. In the Bleachingprodukten for only 5% of the active ingredient, or even lower percentages, are in the standard contain. This is clearly the reason the in-Office Whitening results the more impressive at the dentist. The in-Office bleaching or even Powerbleaching, is hereby unfortunately also one of the most expensive method.

This bleaching between 350 and 600 euros can cost for upper and lower jaw. At this point, carried out a thorough check of the teeth by a dental professional, and indeed performed prior to bleaching once a tooth cleaning, the so-called air flow. A dental splint is then adjusted. The bleaching gel is applied and activated with a light source. The exposure time is 15 minutes-30 minutes. A bleaching can be achieved in this process within a session by up to nine shades. Healthy functional teeth are a prerequisite for just this method. The walking – bleach – method is a method of application, even dead teeth, z.b as a result of a root canal treatment can be again gleaming white. This opens the tooth, specifically the Crown, and the corresponding Poured bleach into the cave.

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