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   Jan 25

Talk Less And Listen More

It is clear that in our society people are often too busy to talk, talk, talk, far to implement this element can always nurture valuable information: listen. Imagine that most people talk less and listen more. Hear more in time to show off what you know, or what he thinks he knows and repeats the habit as a complaint or instructing others to become better but he does not do anything constructive for himself. If we spoke less when we interact with our officers, employees, clients, children, spouse, etc., and us to stop listening more and more power, then we would get, surely valuable information that would lead us to achieve better negotiations. Train ourselves to talk less and listen more, brings huge profits to our lives. Additional information is available at Steve Vai. For this reason, we propose that for a week running a task whose benefits can verify: Listen to a lot over the next few days, listen more to those around you and to discover what alertate I really want to tell you.

Why does it say? What is your real intention? Write on a card, or where sole aim your reminders, the phrase "Today I talk less and listen more." Dedicate a few moments to formularte questions like: What is the best I can say? "To say this? What shall add to communication? "Benefits to say what I want, or just talk to impress with" my knowledge "without it any good? I assure you that after listening and asking questions before speaking, contrary to skip comments serve only hinder communication. So when you end each day, meditate on the profits and record your thoughts. I am sure that, if far from saturated with rants to your partner, your employees, friends, children or clients, listen more and say less, but with more value, manage to build better relationships, better negotiations and get better results. I invite you to put in practice beyond the theory. Check your benefits and also share this information with your teams, your friends or whoever you want, and motivalos to use this tool to perform this task. This will also encourage more and better benefits in your environment. NOTE: If you want to read the articles prior to this, you will find in If you are not subscribed to our free newsletter, I invite you to register.

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