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   Feb 09

The European Union

That bug EU off-piste called, and that in fact, gives us the possibility to travel by a lot of countries of the European Union, without a doubt, this European supra organization, attracts many attentions, and especially if we want to travel through Europe, to belong to one customs unit all movements are much simpler if […]

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   Feb 04

European Airports With Higher Passenger Traffic

Europe is one of the areas of the world with greater air traffic, and therefore boasts a huge number of airports. Know the list of the ten busiest in Europe by number of passengers: 1, London Heathrow London Heathrow Airport is the greater international passenger traffic in the world, and the busiest in Europe in […]

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   Dec 27

Visit And Book A Hotel Arequipa Peru

Peru has the best scenery on the continent, therefore, as far as possible is advised to travel by bus to appreciate them. Obviously, there are places like Iquitos where only accessible by air or river. Best of all is that each city has a hotel that would welcome the United States during their stay, the […]

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