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   Apr 01

Tomsk Suitable Accommodation

To date, the need to rent facing a significant number of people. And it does not always newlyweds who are itching to do more to become a separate unit of society. Many of the young person wish to live separately from moms and dads to know the full extent of autonomy. And students of various […]

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   Oct 24

Avoid Mistakes

Ads are full texts of the “Buy an apartment,” “Buy an apartment!”. Perhaps you yourself do not just place such advertising. Not surprisingly, because real estate is the usual object of sale, especially for apartments and private homes. So, you have the correct amount, but no apartment. Where to start looking? How to buy an […]

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   Jun 29

State Housing Policies

Formula: 'Our house – we take care of it', simply and clearly expresses the state housing policy, providing for a phased transition to monoecious tavarischestvam as a genuine institution of self-owners. That the same a hoa? This organization, in Ktorov you and your neighbors – the most important people. To create a homeowners' consent is […]

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