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   Feb 12

Blacksmith Moraes CRP

For Geofilho psychologist Blacksmith Moraes CRP-12/10.011 Date 16 of September of 2011 As I understand the Boarding Centered in the Person: presenting the basic beddings of the psycotherapy developed for Carl Rogers In this article I present the theoretical recital that I use in the psychological atendimentos that I carry through, either actual or online, […]

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   Feb 27

Social Phobia

1. Social phobia is more widely distributed than you think. During the lifetime of approximately 10% of people experience symptoms of social phobia. This is the third most common psychiatric disorder after depression and alcohol dependence. However, until recently, she was given insufficient attention from the medicine. 2. Symptoms may vary depending on cultural influences. […]

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   Jan 02


Ahead of this we believe that all, at some moment, already they had heard to speak or read in some place that the increase of the aged population is a real fact in the whole world. The research shows that the advances in the medicine, of the technological conditions, of the economy, are some of […]

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   Mar 24

Elimination Direction

Here the concept of 'counter' reflects the tendency of the species in the direction of improving its quality through the elimination of predominantly low-grade populations. And intensity of the 'struggle' is that, as a rule, the number of eliminated individuals does not exceed the number of births – the intensity, which is determined by the […]

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   Dec 31

Living Online

Sometimes this effect is called disinhibition. This is a double-edged sword. Sometimes people talk about very personal things, about the secrets, fears, desires, may exhibit generosity and kindness. In other words, these are what in real life they do not allow yourself to be. And the online therapist should be aware of these metamorphoses. On […]

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   Oct 19

Nunes Anxiety

Being that the physiological answers stimulate to run away or to face. Consequentemente the behavior has the function to inhibit any movement of risk in direction the escape or the defense, of this form the individual is felt rightened. This phenomenon also is considered for Barlow and Durand (2008, p.133): ' ' … an emergency […]

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   Nov 29

Parentchild Relationships

Perhaps, I use a stereotype, if you say that your culture is very important relationships between generations. From the information that we hold in the west, we can conclude that in your culture and grandparents are very important for the grandchildren. I am therefore very important how to match your experience, your feelings of the […]

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   Feb 13

Analytical Act

To speak of analytical Act it is good for remembering that Freud already used of the term agieren that it can mean to act, to practise an action. But how much to the transference in the analysis it would be an update, a repetition of a previous action, a stage, that would come in the […]

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   May 13

Psychiatric Reformation

Centers of Reference in Mental Health, detaching a topic to paraexplicar the functioning of the CERSAMs, its beddings, its sprouting, sualgica, its distribution in Belo Horizonte, among others aspects. finally, this article treats to define the terms: Net of Mental Health and quality due. Word-keys: desospitalizao, patient, mental health, Antimanicomial Fight,> ReformPsiquitrica, Movement of the […]

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   May 06

World Health Organization

In this line of reasoning, the present project searchs to integrate the existing relation between psychologist quality of life – center of psicossocial attendance. Rank this, foca in the following one subject: The quality of life in the work of the professionals of the psychology area, whose ultimate issue of research will be: How it […]

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