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   Nov 01

Healthy Living Comfort

For a healthy indoor climate, the natural building material is brick first choice – the Sentinel house concept can now prove. (tdx) If allergies or electro-smog – health starts with the living. Only a healthy living environment offers an all-around feel-good climate people with allergies and sensitive residents. Therefore tested materials and building materials are […]

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   May 13

Free Standing Bath Tubs

The average area of a bathroom in upscale apartments and lofts has increased considerably to freestanding bathtubs, washbasins and sinks made of mineral cast in recent years. The bathroom has steadily gained in importance as new wellness area. Sometimes the demanding customer facing however while an extensive selection of sanitary objects, these demands not its […]

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   Oct 31

Bathroom Design Planning

Spa and bathroom design planning & execution from one hand Spa and bathroom design planning and implementation from a single source. Bathroom design is exclusive Setup to your personal liking. Because the bathroom is always cosy bathroom Interior”and easy bathroom”, are among the most important trends in bathroom design. “Hide behind on their abgestimmet spatial […]

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