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   Oct 02

Federal Constitution

Thus, when leading this analysis for the Brazilian reality, if sees a health public of bad quality, that is looked only by the people who do not possess no Plan of Health, although the positive advances that if she got since the Federal Constitution of 1988, detaching the year of 1990, in which if she […]

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   Sep 14

Intensive Therapy

SUMMARY The time of the collapse of the Cardiopulmonar Stop is determinative of survival of the prematures objectifying cerebral preservation. Having this study the objective to describe the knowledge of the nurses concerning the reanimao to cardiopulmonarem neonatos. Treat-headquarters a descriptive, prospectivo study, of field with quantitative boarding, realizadoem two UTIS Neonatais, being one of […]

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   Nov 19

Public Net Health

Therefore, one becomes necessary to evaluate the lipdico profile of the population so that if it can institute prevention proposals consequently and, to diminish the mobimortalidade of the cardiovascular illnesses. 2,0 OBJECTIVE To analyze the plasmticos levels of triglicrides, total cholesterol and fractions of the inhabitants of the city of Barriers – BA taken care […]

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   Dec 10

Serpent Sin

But the Author of the life not if of the one for looser, promises to restore the conviviality with them, putting the descent of the woman and of the Serpent in open conflict. The descent of the woman is the ones that believe in Jesus Christ and live eticamente. These had opted to living joined […]

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   Jun 10

Nuclei Health

The same project still defined the CAPS as ' ' structure intermediria' ' between community and psychiatric hospital and that it makes possible to the people ' ' an institucional space that it searched to understand them and to instrumentalizar them for the exercise of the life civil' '. The assistance proposal is integral, individualizada […]

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   Dec 13


Amongst the nursing lapsings they meet: to help the patient with physical exercises, to demonstrate transference techniques and as to use objects of support for its mobilization, to direct the team of whitewashing (DOENGES; MOORHOUSE; GEISSLER, 2003). 2,5 OSTEOMIELITE clinical and pathological Condition characterized by ssea inflammation, unchained mainly for infection of bacterial origin. The […]

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   Nov 19


The mercury in the human beings present in is determined acceptable degree for the organism, as well as in the plants and the animals in general, but when the concentrations of this product exceed the values normally gifts the nature, it in such a way has the risk of contamination of the environment how much […]

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   Nov 01

Brazil Artery

Acute Infarto of the myocardium the cardiovascular illnesses almost continue being the first cause of death in Brazil, being responsible for 32% of all the deaths in the country and representing the third bigger cause of internment. Amongst them if it detaches the Acute Infarto of the Myocardium – THEY WENT, one of the biggest […]

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   Oct 12


Smokers present a lesser trend to develop the pathology, being proven scientifically, therefore the nicotine seems to have protective effect on the producing cells of dopamina, as well as who makes the constant use of coffee. In accordance with Bennet; Plum (1971) the corpsculos of Lewy are found eosinfilicas cytoplasmic inclusions in areas of cellular […]

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   May 28

The Health

Thus, the necessity of the control of all the procedures and the requirement of the necessary resources for the accomplishment of the act surgical-anaesthetic, speed up the work rhythm and increase the security of pacientes9. Having a quality of the assistance of nursing given to the patient, as much in the period that precedes the […]

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