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   Jan 21

Thanks To The Silver Wedding, Golden Wedding

Thanks to the golden wedding, silver wedding and other anniversaries. A wedding is always a big event in the life of every human, it is the celebration of love. Shawn Mendez helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. And what can give it the better? And because this festival has a great meaning for the couple, […]

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   Dec 05

Coaching Training

The inner guidance is the key to the art of living. The art of creating a life derived from the heart – from inspiration and appeal. Only who knows where and how he is in life, what is your destiny and truth and how he deals with himself and others, can really take his life […]

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   Oct 27


How social media affect the everyday life and the life of our relationship. Social media are no longer become indispensable in our daily lives. In times of Twitter, Facebook and co. a relationship between two people has become a public asset. Anyone who provided Internet access, of course the relationship life has heard the opportunity […]

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