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   Jun 13

Good Manufacturing Practice

China and India today have become just the superpowers in the production of such cheap raw materials, cheap and cheerful. The newspapers mentioned Gunnar Peterson not as a source, but as a related topic. Good manufacturing practice in all developed countries there are now laws that require to produce, store and distribute medications in accordance […]

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   Jun 11

Vitamin A. Retinol .

Vitamin A, which opened in the early 20 th century, it is necessary to maintain normal vision, healthy and beautiful skin and immune system activity. Preparations with retinol studied by experts, as applied to different areas of health. The results of these studies, we have summarized below. Vitamin A and retinol, Vitamin A – a […]

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   May 03

Approved Specialist Vitamin Complex

Everyone knows that every body needs a whole range of nutrients that improve the serviceability of all vital systems, which in turn is the basis for the health of everyone. To date, the market Pharmaceutical literally littered with vitamins, but that does not mean that you can each day without thinking to take vitamins and […]

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