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   Jul 10

Mixed Saliva

Microflora of the mouth – the most informative indicator of the state as an organism as a whole, and oral cavity. In the mouth a person contains the largest number of species of bacteria compared with other cavities. According to different authors, the number of bacterial species varies from 100 to 300. This is explained […]

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   Nov 25


At the time, Dale Carnegie said the following words: 'Smile opens shop'. If you think health and to look at these words, the way it is. But the only really beautiful smile, ie healthy, smooth and white teeth. This is a sign of overall health of the human body. Dentist – Orthodontist is a specialist […]

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   Nov 18

Cheap And Expensive Implants. What Is The Difference ?

– Dental implantation is the most desirable way to restore the lost tooth, especially if there are healthy strong teeth that grind the pity. But the benefits of implantation of teeth you can find a doctor If you choose this method. I want to open a question that is rarely voiced by dentists – what's […]

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