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   Sep 28

Fragrances That Last

Each fragrance skin responds to a particular way. Many times, the perfume that came throughout the day to a person, like a soft and pleasant wake fades into another just seconds after application. This may be due to hormonal factors, the type of diet, the concentration of melanin-fair skin seem to have less power to […]

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   Dec 28

Marketing Manager

three new products for a bright fresh complexion that Restylane skincare products are based on the unique and patented since 1996 by Q-Med NASHATM hyaluronic acid (non-animal, stabilized hyaluronic acid). For more than 15 years NASHA is used already in the Restylane injection products for treating wrinkles. The secret of NASHA is the similarity to […]

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   Oct 04

Center Waltersdorf

‘Against every disease an herb is grown’ provides information about the various mode of action of herbs this proverb. Herb witch week by 22 to 27.05.2011 already the well-known saying goes against every disease is an herb grown are indicative of the varied effectiveness of herbs. We enjoy as teas, swallow dribs and drabs of […]

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   Jun 25

Causes Alzheimers Disease

What is Alzheimer’s? It is a disease of the brain that destroys memory, the dexterity and cognitive and, ultimately, the ability to carry out the tasks more simple. Memory problems are one of the first signs of Alzheimer’s disease. People who suffer from it may have difficulty remembering things that happened recently or names of […]

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   Apr 16

Wellness & Beauty Guide

Recent reviews in the areas of relaxation, beauty and healthy life Munich, 19.05.2008: anti-aging with green tea, the new trend hairstyles for the summer of 2008, and the Gillette advertising campaign of Germany BBs next supermodel contestant Christina Leibold which are the hot topics in the may issue of the wellness & beauty guides, which […]

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   Apr 14

Wellness Community

The Wellness vacation agency beauty24 opened a new platform on the topic of wellness with the wellness blog. Berlin, February 05, 2008. The wellness travel agency beauty24 draws on her experience as a Wellnessexperte and presents a new platform for all spa enthusiasts with the beauty24 wellness blog. Under can now the wellness community about […]

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   Apr 13

Berlin Wellness

The first weekend of October wellness news from beauty24 for the wellness Ambassador Nicola Appel theme was feeling good. She attended the first of a total of six select Spa Hotel. Your well-being feeling mission launched centrovital Berlin hotel. Impressions, photos and testimonials of the missionary downbeat now online can be tracked. Berlin, October […]

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   Mar 23

Rid Yourself of Wrinkles

Botox toxin is not so toxic if you are trying to take the crinkle out of your wrinkles. The Clostridium botulinum bacteria produce Botox. Now I see why we call it Botox for short. The toxin protein is used worldwide to help produce a healthy younger looking. No wonder we develop wrinkles as we age. […]

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   Feb 23

Fat Zone

That all these methods, programs and tools to help us get the slender, elastic body with smooth smooth skin. Let us look at the main question: what is the cellulite? Pinch yourself at the hip. You watch the folds and bumps on the skin, something resembling an orange peel? This means that you are "lucky" […]

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   Nov 13

Baltic Sea

Cheap spa holidays on the Polish Baltic Sea to relax and to support the natural beauty of Berlin, November 2010 – in Dziwnowek, just three hours by car from Berlin removed can you indulge in five or seven days for the relaxation and beauty. Dziwnowek (german forest Bay) is a small and quiet seaside resort […]

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