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   Nov 02

Table And Pad

Woodmark presents on the 35th St. Gallen user forum usage possibilities for multitouch systems and mobile BI solutions Grasbrunn / Munchen, 21.03.2012. Woodmark shows on the 35th St. Gallen user forum (AWF) on March 26, 2012 how multi-touch systems and mobile solutions support processes in companies and improve. Rainer Unsold, Manager and business development manager at Woodmark, better reporting and planning processes presented in the workshop multi touch systems and mobile devices”practical application examples. Here he presents among other results of research projects with Prof. Dr.

Dirk Fischer from the Department of computer science and mathematics from the University of applied sciences in Munich. On the 35th St. Galler AWF, about 200 representatives from industry and academia discuss topics related to business intelligence (BI). Interactive and dynamic meetings wood MA on the 35th St. Galler AWF the Woodmark multi-touch (MT) planning and Reportingtisch connects the users of BI applications, for example IBM Cognos, about a 36 or 46 inch multi touch screen control. Our Multitouch table allows it simply and cooperatively to schedule “, says Rainer Unsold. Just because users right off the bat, meaningful reports, analyses and simulations to create.

Cooperatively, because the participants jointly develop results.” The participants gather around the table. You resize and move content as in iPhone and iPad via finger. Here you combine products, sales regions, and projected revenues. Impact on resources are immediately visible. Meetings with the planning table are interactive and dynamic. Everyone can get involved and increase the acceptance of the results,”said Unsold. The planning table in combination with Web sessions and decentralized planning cockpit on the iPad is ideal for efficient planning.” Mobile integrated multi-touch tables can be combined with mobile solutions: users can integrate their iPads in the planning and reporting system. Join in the round on the basis of the planning and Reportingtisches part. At the same time they use their mobile devices to immediately adjust to same parts of the BI-system planning”, explains Unsold. In this way an open and communicative planning with diverse creative interaction possibilities for participants atmosphere.” Simple and intuitive in the field open and communicative atmosphere can be applied on the field: sales staff can use mobile solutions, always reliable data about their iPads to retrieve and analyze together with the customer. Due to the simple operation the customer even without previous training can adjust for example the current offers on the iPad of the salesperson”, says Unsold. Such mobile BI solutions provide a collaborative and creative atmosphere in customer meetings. The closing in sales chances.” Economy and science in dialogue the AWF formed in the year 2000, the University of St. Gallen three times in the year takes place and deals in Lectures and workshops with current developments and trends to BI and enterprise IT. The St. Gallen AWF aims to share experiences between industry and academia. On the 35th St. Gallen AWF SAP, BMW, Volkswagen and EnBW keep in addition to Woodmark under other 1 & 1, lectures and workshops new user groups, development methods and access for BI.

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