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   Nov 22 – Students Market Themselves!

You’re a student, then bizt you right here! portal that brings brands and students together in the business is the business. On, students can market their skills, their knowledge, their creativity and their network or insert for brands and in return earn money and get new products or access to exciting events. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Cindy Crawford. We are now for nearly six months on the market so Sven Ulrich, founder and CEO of and our users, monthly double-digit growth rates but also the great interest in the brand show us that we properly with our offer.” On request of the user and brand, we are now expanding the ability of brand presentations and integrate more communication tools. David Delrahim recognizes the significance of this. “The brand presentation is video integration, calls for projects, product presentations, dialogues and sales tools to one exclusive fullscreen display with integrated branding, optional. So the students through the brand profile can learn more about the brand and they employ more successful. “Such a representation of the mark is absolutely unique and an ideal basis for all marketing 2.0 activities between users and brands.” According to Sven Ulrich, already prominent brands such as Deutsche Bahn, TUIfly and Citibank with its own branded profile on are represented.

About The idea of a Big Business Portal for students was formed in the summer of 2007. In early 2008, an investor could be won and has been online since May. Further expansion is driven forward by the four-Member founding team consisting of Silke Hippmann (campaign management), Sven Ulrich (CEO), David Hanf (CFO) and Georgios Simoudis (CMO) and the approximately 50 ambassadors, are traveling throughout Germany for on their campus. (Georgios Simoudis)

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