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   Sep 12

Stretches Pablito Sleep

– Pablo! – Mom gets angry. Pablito Mama brings the bed to be hung around the neck like a monkey from the zoo to the gates when they threw candy to reattach his bed and fluffy. – Love me, mama, mama! – Shouts louder while mom makes the bed. Mom turns around, takes in his arms and goes to bed again. – Do not cry son, who is no longer time to shout “Look, what clothes you’ll wake Mr Pig, the Shattering, Mr potato, they have fallen asleep.

– Mama, I’m not stupid, toys do not sleep, serve only to play, “said Pablito while rubs his eyes in sleep. – You sure? – Asks her mother while giving a goodnight kiss “Good night, sleep well rested so that tomorrow you for your birthday. – Good night Mama. Mom closed the door of the room and Pablito and in the darkness, Pablito, is very old, no longer afraid, close your eyes to tell and fluffy white sheep jumping the fence of his grandfather Thomas to sleep. – A sheep, two, five, eight, four, fifteen, nine. Achaeans dream!. – Despierta! – Pig-adespierta cry, wake up, wake up! – Skip the pig with an eye on the belly of Pablito.

the sirens of police cars. The lantern Camping Mr. Pablito the potato is pointed at his face to wake him. – What? – Stretches Pablito-AAH! – Dry gives a shout to see their toys are awake, “Abah!, If I’m dreaming, I go back to sleep, gets back from his blanket.

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