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   Dec 13


Amongst the nursing lapsings they meet: to help the patient with physical exercises, to demonstrate transference techniques and as to use objects of support for its mobilization, to direct the team of whitewashing (DOENGES; MOORHOUSE; GEISSLER, 2003). 2,5 OSTEOMIELITE clinical and pathological Condition characterized by ssea inflammation, unchained mainly for infection of bacterial origin. The osteomielites acometem long bones primordially, more common in inferior members. Rare acomete other bones as: calota craniana, vertebrae and jaws. (MORAL, FIELDS, SILVESTRINI, 2005). Moral, Fields, Silvestrini (2005, p.1483) tells on the etiology that: ' ' Children the 0 2 months of age: Staphylococcus aureus and gram-negative enteric; > 2 months of age: Staphylococcus aureus' '. As Hanciau (2009) the patogenia is determined by the dissemination of the infectious agent bacterium, micoplasma or fungo is determined in consequence of three basic mechanisms. Hematognica dissemination: it reaches sanguine chain by means of a place of distant infection, as: skin, amdalas, biliary vesicle or urinrio treatment.

It is most prevalent, with 89% of the cases for bacteremias and in 3% of the cases they elapse of infections of superior aerial ways (VAIN) febris for pneumococo, Haemophylus and the piodermites unchained for estafilococos. Indirect dissemination or proximity: developed by means of a continuous focus of infection, as of soft fabrics, nasal teeth or seios. It reaches 10% of the cases, seen in bigger frequency in suckles. Direct contamination or continuity: through a punctiforme wound, projectile of firearm or surgical procedure. It represents 1% of the cases, it occurs in displayed breakings or sseas punes. In accordance with Hinrichsen (2005) the clinical evolution of the osteomielite elapses of four phases. Phase of infiltration: bacterial inoculation in the bone. With duration of hours the three days. As consequence infiltration of polimorfonucleares in the attempt of fagocitar occurs and destroying microrganismos. The signals of this phase are: heat, tumor and pain.

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