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   Sep 20


completing a set, must get up from the bench (or just sit down to sars took a vertical position). Warning: If you have high blood pressure or problems with blood circulation, do not do this exercise. To achieve minimize chest muscles and triceps, straighten the arms fully at the top. To further "get" the chest muscles, increase range of motion, replacing the barbell dumbbells: lower them down to chest level and Squeeze them up the broad dutee so that they are slightly "klatsnuli" each other at the top. Application To: mid-level athletes training and higher. When: In the middle of the chest workout.

Before rod on a bench with slope down to work out presses barbell (or dumbbells) on the horizontal bar with a slope up. After the rod presses on a bench with a slope down can be performed with dumbbells, breeding and / or bench presses in the simulator and / or information in the crossover and / or breeding in the simulator Peck-Deck. How many: 3 sets of 5-8 reps. Sport negative angle of the bench to send all the load on the lower chest. In bodybuilding, this kind of regime is used to compress and cut the "bottom edge pectoralis major muscle, to give it a more dramatic form and separated from the thorax. Bringing abstracted hands by the middle of the body in conjunction with the extension (straightening) hands – a typical move for boxing (side impact in the Corps), golf (hit a stick on the ball side), gymnastics (the reduction of arms in the exercises on the rings).

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