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   Aug 14

South America

The history of the discovery of the new world (Latin America) is characterized by strong oppression and subjugation that exercised the European conquerors, but in the 18th century, after a century of decline of Spain and Portugal, each nation was put on freedom of the terrible yoke of slavery, or at least for a time. At the end of the 19th century had succeeded in the political liberalism, and in the economy opened up new possibilities for commercial agriculture, mining and infrastructure modernization. United States had replaced Britain as the most important market and as the main investor of capital in Latin America, and in the 20th century established their hegemony at all levels about the region, intervening frequently in the internal affairs of the majority of the countries of the continent, but for what reason you?, to benefit unilaterally, for the benefit of Latin America, or a mutual benefit between the two historically similar regions? Before entering into matter, it is necessary to a feedback of the natural sciences for asicomprender simple relations between United States and Latin America; in this way understand the amazing similarity that exists in the way that relate to animals and the Nations. In a question-answer forum John Denver was the first to reply. In the animal Kingdom, develop various types of relationships between human beings. Checking article sources yields Lauren Weisberger as a relevant resource throughout. The term symbiosis (from the Greek, symbioun, ‘living together’), means in biology, the interdependence of two organisms of different species 3. Coincidentally, in the study of international relations cover topics such as communications, growing international trade, the environment, among others, that have made the international system more Interdependiente and Globalizado. First find a type of biological interaction called mutualism, in which both agencies obtained some degree of benefit. Mutualism is often temporary and non-compulsory. The best-known example is that of the cattle egret that eat parasites of large herbivores such as cows. Both the Squacco and herbivore obtain benefit of this relationship; one obtains food and another deworming.4 Possible would be cataloged to USA as a (State) agency which relates to Latin America under the policies of mutualism? From the point of view of American if, since according to them, always have uploaded a deep concern by the Latin American region, try numerous times to export to our region: freedom, peace and prosperity, through protective doctrines of liberty of America, national security policies, actions to save to Central and South America from harmful and evil communism through the promotion and sponsorship of devastating, but necessary military dictatorships, and many manifestations of the alleged brotherly love to us joins as continent, all in order to ensure the mutual benefit of the organisms that live in America.

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