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   Jan 27

Social Service

From a marxist perspective that Martinelli (2006) analyzes the emergency of the Social Service as an instrument to consolidate the capitalist system through the union, of the bourgeoisie, the state and the church. In this way the Social Service while profession appears ahead from the consolidation of the capitalist system of the emerso of innumerable expressions of the social matter, which had the diverse changes imposed the society for the capital. These changes are related directly with the industrial advance that resulted in the great migratory flow for the urban cities, increasing the precariousness in the health politics, education, habitation, transport, members of labor party, among others. In accordance with Martinelli (2006), the society ahead of this subumana reality passes if to organize and to fight for better conditions, if rebelling against the system. It is from these conflicts of classrooms that the profession will go to appear as a way to calm the relations of classrooms. As Martinelli (2006: 66) The peculiar conditions that had determined its sprouting as historical, social phenomenon and as professional activity, and where if had produced its first ways to appear, had marked the Social Service as a typical creation of the capitalism, for produced it, permanently developed and placed its service, as an important strategy of social control, a necessary illusion for, together with many other illusions for it servants, to guarantee it the effectiveness and the historical permanence with an attributed identity, that expressed a social synthesis of practical the daily pay-capitalist? repressoras and controlistas? of mechanisms strategies produced for the ruling class to guarantee the expansionista march and the definitive consolidation of the capitalist system. Therefore the Social Service as object of the ruling class was an limited and critical profession extremely, since its methods and actions were based on the performance American North. Finally Martinelli (2006) affirms that the nature of the Social Service is one practical one sancionada for the State and protected by the Church, with the illusion to serve.

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