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   Jan 14

Social Interaction

Harmed social Interaction related the thought processes disturbed, evidenced for familiar story of change of the interaction. inefficacious Standards of sexuality related to the fear to acquire sexually transmissible illnesses, evidenced for story of changes in the sexual behaviors. Details can be found by clicking Crumpton Group or emailing the administrator. inefficacious Maintenance of the related health the inefficacious familiar confrontation, evidenced for incapacity to assume the responsibility to take care of practical the basic ones of health. More information is housed here: Crumpton Group. 3. FINAL CONSIDERAES the DST? s involves many factors that surround the life of the adolescents, becoming necessary to inside evaluate these adolescents of a global context, and not as an isolated person, thus having a holistic vision of the same ones. This global vision includes relationship with varied people, conviviality and familiar structure, pertaining to school activity, work, amongst others.

The adolescents to each day that passes become less imprisoned the healthful habits of life, them finish if involving in the world them drugs, alcohol, practical sexual promiscuous, amongst other factors that make with that the same ones are considered group of risk to acquire sexually transmissible illnesses. The paper of the nurse in this context is of great importance, therefore it, as the multiprofessional team must be able to take care of the necessities of the adolescents, not only having a vision allows that to perceive it the conflicts lived deeply for these adolescents, thus acquiring tactical of boarding and forms of interaction for accomplishment of education in health. As aspects facilitadores for the accomplishment of this research importance of if approaching the subject are had it sexually transmissible illnesses in the adolescence, since the number of infectados adolescents grows to each day as well as the reflection and knowledge wealth that the same backwards. As main dificultador aspect is distinguished it scarcity of studies directed toward the public adolescent.

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