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   Sep 11

Skeleton European Championships

Sauerland sends many athletes into the racing season with the Championship is the Winterberger Eiskanal once again the focus of international sports public. Although Winterberg was actually with the hosting of the World Cup on the line, now looking forward those responsible on the EM and make every effort to present a perfectly organised event on a newly renovated track athletes and spectators. CEO of Ford understood the implications. In January, not only the best bobsledder and Skeletonis of the continent solve the ticket to Winterberg. Since the EM has also World Cup status, the entire world elite of Runner Sports at the start will be. The disciplines of men’s twin and four-man, two-woman Bobsleigh and skeleton ladies ladies and gentlemen back the Sauerlander winter sports into the global spotlight.

In addition to the European Championship from January 17 to 23 further highlights programme at the Winterberger. The FIBT Kyle skeleton, November 23 to 28, the Viessmann Luge World Cup and team relay, November 30 to December 5, the FIBT Bob & skeleton European Cup, 6 to 12. December, the German Bob Championships, January 4 to 9 and the FIBT Bob & skeleton European Championships with World Cup, 17 to 23 January. With so many Sauerland are skiers in the World Cup series this season as rarely before. Skeleton shooting star Sandro Stielicke (BSC Winterberg) Jens Muller as far from convinced that the national coach one put him the nominee ranked. Surprisingly has himself also Katharina Heinz (RSG High German) in the women’s claims. Bobpilotin Sandra Kiriasis (RSG High German) was already used by the new Bob head coach Christoph Langen.

After several botched runs at the excrements in Altenberg has the chance to assert themselves again Anja Saini (BSC Winterberg) in the course of the World Cup season. Bad luck has also currently Luger Corinna Martini (BSC Winterberg). Due to their back problems she must place at the first World Cup in Igls. Coach Norbert Loch gives her but the opportunity if it is healthy, already to enter at the second World Cup in Winterberg, Germany (December 5). Was in the awarding of the World Cup 2011 Winterberg resigned and Konigssee let go first, to support the city of Munich, which applies jointly with the Konigssee to the alignment of the Winter Olympics 2018. In return, Winterberg had spoken to the EM to get, as well as the assurance that every year align a World Cup 2015. But then again, the next World Cup on German soil will take place in Winterberg, Germany. The top events of the 2010/11 season * 23 to 28 November 2010 FIBT Kyle skeleton 30 November to 5th December 2010 Viessmann Luge World Cup and team season 6 to 12 December 2010 FIBT Bob & skeleton European Cup until 9 January 4, 2011 Bob Nordin 17 to 23 January 2011 FIBT Bob & skeleton European Championships with World Cup * changes reserved.

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