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   Dec 10

Serpent Sin

But the Author of the life not if of the one for looser, promises to restore the conviviality with them, putting the descent of the woman and of the Serpent in open conflict. The descent of the woman is the ones that believe in Jesus Christ and live eticamente. These had opted to living joined the God and loving the brothers: they are the rescued ones for the immolated Lamb, that had received the pardon of the sins in the practical one of the right and of justice. The descendants of the Serpent are the envious ones, that they had opted to concur with God, to practise the injustice and the lie. The workmanship of the Lamb Saint consists, therefore, in repairing the estragos made in the creation for the ousadia of the serpent, the foolishness of the freedom human being without ethical criterion of choice. Pra to rescue the corrupted creation, the Creator assumes the criatural, fragile, pecadora condition freely for, in the body of Jesus, to implodir the sin of the world and the staffs, a time for all.

The Lamb brings in its immolated body the ignominy of the sin and the pardon: the sin, to destroy it for its cross death; the pardon, to communicate the present full life in the Christ revived. ‘ ‘ If Jesus died for all, all dies with it. It died for all, so that those that live do not live more for itself, but for that died and revived for eles’ ‘ 2 Color 5,14-15. The pardon that is Jesus incorporates all above the oppositions, therefore it locks up, non-separable joined, the death and the life. ‘ ‘ Jesus Christ is our pardon, ours Passover, the victim of atonement for our sins and the ones of the entire world.

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