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   Nov 09

Rottal Thermal Baths

Magic roses and chocolate dream day in bad Birnbach bad Birnbach (tvo). “It smells of roses and tastes like chocolate: in bad Birnbach, the rural bath” the Bavarian Golf and Spa country, be caressed all the senses. In addition to the healing waters, hot springs since 38 years 70 degrees from the ground, herbs, flowers and other essences are the ingredients that donate Rottal Terme beauty, well-being and relaxation in the? Algae (Thalasso), sea salt, and Aloe Vera are the classics. But in bad Birnbach, other ingredients make beautiful and happy. “Brand new about the Birnbacher magic roses is a flower Spa” (69.90 euro), after which the skin feels like velvet and silk.

The magic package begins with an aromatherapy massage with a Rose-Scented Oil wonderfully, followed by a body scrub and a bath in rose petals. Sweet dreams promises, however, the Schokotraumtag (36.90 euro): only relax in the bath of chocolate and then a hot chocolate in the roof garden Cafe enjoy betting that feel not only skin and palate like in paradise? “Who is the sky yet still not close enough, perhaps opts for the Bavarian manna: the heavenly pleasure of beer” promises to 42.90 euros enjoy Bavarian beer Sud Spa, cool beer and sausage. Information about these and other wellness and beauty offers granted the Rottal Terme, Prof.-Drexel-Strasse 25-27, 84364 bad Birnbach, Tel. 08563 / 2900, fax 08563 / 29050.

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