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   Mar 17

Ron Hubbard

I do very much! I hope I'll see you! " "What is happiness? I am always happy summer. Sea positive, friends, family, summer: the summer of 2009 I bought a dog. My favorite breed Chukhua-hua. I was very happy. Happiness – it's when you have close friends who love you when all your relatives and friends are healthy, when the sun is shining brightly, when executed by all of your most fondest dreams. I would like my mother did not soritsya. I think that to solve this problem, to compromise, try look at the world from her point of view. I really liked the lecture was very interesting.

"" I was happy when walking with his family in the park during the summer. When it was good and behold no problems and concerns. That's precisely at this point, I was happy. Happiness – it's a calm state of mind, and probably well-being. I want to be happier at school. "" I was very happy when Dad went to the nature of a time. Happiness – is when loved ones close by. I would like to finish college after I would like to finish college and after moving out of town with his parents.

I really liked the lesson because it was very interesting, and you were very kind to us. "'Criminon' means 'no crime' is an international non-profit organization that is dedicated rehabilitation of offenders and crime prevention by educating people and helping them rebuild their self-esteem so that they are ethical and productive members of society. This lecture is based on the book by L. Ron Hubbard's "Way to Happiness." Book, which is the first non-religious moral code based entirely on common sense. "Today's children – is tomorrow's civilization. … If you can help your child understand that this is the road to happiness, and obtain the consent of the child to adhere to it, thus you really help him. This can greatly affect its survival – and yours. "- L. Ron Hubbard," The Way to Happiness. " For further information please contact: Alla Koveshnikova 8-926-154-55-54

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