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   Dec 24

Regions Of Russia, Volgograd …

In this story, I'll tell you about the city of Volgograd and its companion on the right bank of the Volga – Volga. The city of Volgograd is not for nothing called the city-hero during the Great Patriotic War, the territory then still Stalingrad outbreak of the most brutal battle of the war, which later and was named – the Battle of Stalingrad. In memory of these events was based Mamaev Kurgan and the statue of 'Motherland', the largest statue on earth! Now Volgograd large industrial city, where there are many factories and businesses. So that work in Volgograd will find each. Real Estate in Volgograd, no less important feature of the city, as in other cities, there are always building new housing, the city gets bigger every year, especially in the Volga, which is divided into neighborhoods. The farther from the Volga to influx , the younger neighborhoods. Volgograd Volga divides the Volga river, through which the Bridge, who is also the Volga Hydroelectric Power Station.

Now build a second bridge. Volga is the most industrial city, which was also honored with the title of the most comfortable and most green city in Russia. Cars in Volga is one of his business cards, because it is doing here Voljanin buses purchased by the whole of Russia. Volgograd Volga is a beautiful city with great history and vibrant infrastructure, there is much to do and what a place to visit!

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