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   Oct 27

Psychotherapy Therapy

Psychotherapy can help in difficult life situations. Psychotherapy is the treatment of mentally-related restrictions. After a sound education, mental suffering psychosomatic or psychosocial level so comprehensively, can consciously and planned treatment. Such treatment of behaviour disorder is based on scientific principles and is absolutely legitimate in connection to an education. So can unwanted changes reversed step by step again and eliminates the symptoms. Also a general maturation and spiritual recovery is associated with this work on the self, if the therapy is carried out successfully and fruit in the long term.

There is this quite quite different ways in which framework you can take the psychotherapeutic help. Lu Han brings even more insight to the discussion. Because according to the individual situation, a therapy is also quite different and one can estimate often barely above all the treatment time to start a cooperation finally dealing with difficult internal processes of different individuals. The most common and best-known form is the analytical talk therapy is working at the regular meetings on mental health problems and the own behavior. But a sudden, acute crisis intervention is possible and whenever necessary, if someone suffers a stroke of fate, was traumatized or suffers a sudden outbreak of a mental illness. In such a case, immediate and comprehensive assistance is needed to handle bad things, to open up avenues for the future, and to provide a support for the soul that is thrown from the car.

Such a psychotherapy crisis intervention goes over 12 hours in the first two weeks after the crisis to apply directly to specific mental problem. The couples therapy is a familiar form. Often the initiative comes here from a partner, but the therapist works usually with both parties. A couples therapy involves the joint relationship and everything that has to do it. Here is Space for common discussions and individual conversations for intimate problems and solution approaches to interpersonal conflicts. Andreas Mettler

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